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The preview of the finals was a great game. Too bad the refs were horrible. In the last few minute they called a charge on Rondo when Fisher wasn’t even close to set, and called a block on Pierce when he clearly was. The last one iced the game for the Lakers.

That puts the Celtics at 27-3, or a 90% win rate. That projects out to a 74-8 season, two games better than the Bulls’ record. I don’t think it’s going to happen. But it’s nice to think about.

Speaking of Rondo: Yes, he’s much better this year. But let’s be honest, it’s not hard to look good when you’ve got Garnett/Allen/Pierce around. All you have to do is be competent. Which he is. The weirdest part is that every part of his game has improved except that little floater move of his. His rookie year it was a great tool, this year it never goes in. Never. I think he is zero for sixty on it this year. Stop it!!

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  • Oren says:

    Only watched the last 5 minutes of the game– it was very good. Disagree about the block on Pierce- it was a good call, his foot was inside the dotted circle under the basket. I hope no one important on either team gets injured– a rematch in the finals would be amazing.
    Two thoughts on the finals: 1) why does everyone refer to it as such a blowout for the celtics? it was 4-2, and the lakers had a shot at stealing a game in boston. admittedly the last game was an emasculating defeat, but still, i think it was a decently competitive series. 2) i admit that paul pierce was phenomenal in the series- he played amazing defense on kobe and hit some clutch shots. however, his knee “injury” and miraculous recovery from it in game 2(?) was a bunch of crap. he clearly did not injure it at all, but was just scared (and cried I think) in a moment of hysteria. how did this display of womanly overreaction get transformed into a heroic moment of celtics glory? please…

  • Muttrox says:

    I’ll take your word about the Pierce call. I didn’t see it on reply, but I’m without TiVo this break.

    1) That final game really was the punctuation mark. Blowout is a little much, but it was a definitive win.

    2) Are you kidding me!? I don’t even know where to start. No one has been tougher than Paul Pierce. The guy was literally stabbed through the heart and kept soldiering on, I suppose he was faking that also!? What are you smoking? I think you’re just bent out of shape because the media talks about the Celtics history and dynasty more than your team can.

  • Gorby says:

    I thought the Pierce injury in the finals was way blown out of proportion. I mean, the guy went into the locker room and came back in the same quarter, didn’t he? And all of a sudden we’re comparing it to Willis Reed? Come on! It’s not Pierce’s fault — it’s not like he faked an injury. It was the announcers and media who played it up like it was some superhuman effort on his part. The guy took a knock and came back out to play. Happens all the time in any sport. Go ask some boxers or hockey players just how superhuman the Pierce effort was…

  • Ole Ole says:

    Wow, lost to horrible Warriors team. Warriors are a horribly bad product. No excuse. I disagree on Rondo, he’s improved a lot – will be top contender for Most Improved in NBA. Ok, maybe floater not as consistent, every part of his game has improved tremendously. They are where they are winning percentage due to his improved play.

  • Muttrox says:

    There’s no question Rondo is better this year than last year. I’m just saying is that it doesn’t take all that much to be a good point guard on this team, and that his floater in particular has been going downhill.

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