Links o’ Interest

The best viral videos of 2008

Tom the Dancing Bug at it’s best

European Scams ‘05

The Shoe attack on Bush. Try it yourself! And the Bushtrix version.

Most likely to succeed:
Malcolm Gladwell on predicting success

Oh, that’s sneaky

Mad Scientists

A different take on It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s terrible.

As Megan said, these guys managed to shorten “Don’t be evil” by one key word.

Evander Holyfield is trying to regain the title at age 46. I don’t see Mike Tyson following that.

Women’s car gets stuck on train tracks. She dials 911 and asks for help instead of getting out of the car.

Real life Dilbert Manager quotes

2008 in pictures.
Parts 1, 2, 3.

Barack Obama’s campaign manager gives a rare interview.

America the melting pot: A neat visualization of immigration to the USA since 1820.

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