New Years Day: Our Stupidist Holiday

New Years Day is a pathetic excuse for a holiday. What is it celebrating? The arbitrary reset of our consensus calendar system. Who cares? This is a remnant of our superstitious past, where we thought the way we measured time affected the way time passed. This is cut from the same cloth as stupid Russians revolting when the change to Gregorian calendar moved them from Jan 1st to Feb 14th overnight. Hey Nikolai, it’s just bookkeepping, you didn’t really lose six weeks of your life!

We might as well have a holiday every time there is daylight savings time, or they add a leap second.

You want to drink and party? Do it any ol’ day. You want to mark the turning of the seasons? Use the Winter Solstice – you’ve just passed the shortest day of the year and you’re now turning towards spring. You want to make a resolution? Make it on your birthday – it makes more sense.

Bah Humbug. Just a stupid idea for a holiday.

One thought on “New Years Day: Our Stupidist Holiday”

  1. but it gives such a wonderful excuse for a gazillion people to get loaded and go driving.
    (especially in cities that don’t have as good a public transit system as, say, boston or DC)

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