Links o’ Interest

The inauguration music was not actually live.

The inaugural photo. Zoom to your hearts delight, 1,474 gigabytes of picture.

Philadelphia Eagles trophy case

Tibbles the cat, history’s greatest killer.

That’s why they call him The Magician (pool shot). But I like this one’s tricks better.

Hacking programmable road signs

Street racer pwned by ticketing cop

How Not to be a Key Online Influencer

46 things that never happen on Star Trek

This looks like a very very very good movie

Google Maps rocks

Clever teenage hockey player: use camouflage

You can’t fight City Hall. Reduce waste to zero, get sued.

Cockpit of the Space Shuttle

Hover dogs

Yes, it’s flooding here also.

Pit Crew Fail

Class differences

Quality spam

The thumb man

10 sexual anomalies

Star Trek plot generator

Interactive Jacuzzi Girl. Awesome.

Very clever music video. I smiled the whole time.

Seig Fail

Funny graffiti

Coloring Love

Classic support ticket

The energy scale

New mathematics from Archimedes. Seriously.

This is just very sad

Frustrated with customer service? Use the “Get a Human” database.

Myron Rolle, a true student-athelete

John Thain’s greatest moments (worst CEO evah)

3 thoughts on “Links o’ Interest”

  1. Just got started looking at your links, but I noticed two things in the inaugural photo.

    1) Look at just how many people in the front audience (and these are seemingly the high-paying customers!) are either texting or playing on their laptops while the President is speaking. Pathetic. (“@ Prez, ok muzik, kewl sht”).

    2) Because of the photo-manipulation, some cuts aren’t seamless, so in the section just above and behind the president, you can see some people whose faces/bodies are doubled up or cut off. Check out Aretha with the eerie double chin and goatee!

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