Look What we Just Bought!

Being a buyer in this economy is amazing. Talk about having “hand”.

Want to learn more? Feast your eyes on these specs (click through for details).

It’s bloody indecent. Oh, will delivery day never come!?

3 thoughts on “Look What we Just Bought!”

  1. I also need to talk to you about this. Although, “talk” is not really the word I’m looking for…hmm…more like “thrash you with a green-eyed Berserker rage” is perhaps what I’m really feeling. 😉

    I’m kidding, of course!…I am glad you were able to get it and at a great deal to boot. My parents have one (not nearly as fancy) and they LOVE it. Great even in the winter, and perhaps especially in the winter. 😀

  2. I need to talk with you about this. We want to get one too….interested in how much you were able to negotiate off of the price.

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