Links o’ Interest

A hilarious Superbowl ad that wasn’t aired.


Pepsi covers My Generation. Not half bad.

Giraffe fight. Never seen one of those.


Tough Guy Challenge: Shaming triatheletes

7-year old hopped up on dental drugs. And the animated version. “Is this real life?”

Google finds some weird searches alright

Differently abled crowd surfing

This magazine speaks to a vast untapped market

Proper motivation

“I’ll be waiting outside”

Obama’s kind of a jerk.

Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit! MP3s of Obama saying nasty stuff.

Favorite moments of Chaha (the human guided search engine)

Seven people who never gave up. But should have.

The progress bar

Great H-O-R-S-E plays

How do you get kicked off a “My Little Pony” forum?

Texas teacher suspended for being a liberal atheist

A strange alchohol warning

How many days can you be held without charges (worldwide)?

Cool math fight

A very telling contrast: Bush and Obama signing women’s issues bills

The Hardest job in Football (TV Production)

The bad guys step it up a notch: Fake parking tickets lead to fake website lead to real malware.

2 thoughts on “Links o’ Interest”

  1. I have just spent the last 10 minutes listening to Obama telling me that I am NOT his bitch and that I need to buy my own fries. Sucker-Ass Prez.

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