Poker Update

A very good outing. I misplayed one hand badly, everything else was at least good.

I started off with lots of blind stealing. There were a couple players that showed weakness, I jumped on them everytime. Things were going good. Up a little, down a little.

I don’t remember this hand exactly right, but it was something like blinds at 100-200. The player to my left raises up to 800, an overraise. I had 800 in already, he went all-in another 1300. Yes I know that doesn’t make sense, I’m forgetting something key. I had A-9. It would cost me 1300 to get around 3500. I had him figured for a pair of Jacks, maybe 10s or Qs. That would explain the overbet, he was hoping to get everyone else out so he didn’t have to fight the overcards. If that was true, then my ace had roughly a 30% chance of pairing. Oh, that’s right, this was postflop. I checked, he put in the 1300. Anyhow – so it wasn’t a 30% chance, more like 16% (? not sure?). I was pretty sure it was a stupid bet, but I decided to call anyhow. Turns out I had read him perfectly, he had the Jacks. Ten seconds later he had my money also.

I’ll skip way ahead. I was playing well. I never had any of the top 5 hands, but I had enough A-10, K-Q sorts of hands that I was able to play. I knocked out that same guy when I had pocket jacks playing three-handed. We got down to heads up.

I started heads up with ~60% of the chips. Very soon we go all in against each other. My A-6 against his A-3. He pairs his 3 on the flop.

A few hands later we go all-in. My K-J against his J-10. He pairs his 10 on the flop.

We trade back and forth for a while. Finally I call an all-in bet. My A-9 to his 10-8. He pairs his 8 on the flop. And again on the turn.

I completely outplayed him but get 3 successive bad beats. All I could do was laugh. It’s not being Helmuth’d, it’s just bad luck.

Tonight: $58
Running Total: $645

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