Poker Update

3 big hands:

On one of the very first hands of the night I have K-Q spades. I raise. I’m re-raised, I call. Flop is As-x-x. He puts in another huge bet (we’re at 25-50, he puts in 500). I sorta say what the hell and call him. The turn is another spade. He bets another 500. At this point I have to call. The river is another spade. My nut flush doubles me up. Terrible playing, I just got lucky.

I’m the big blind with 4-6. There are 5 limpers. I check the option, then check in the dark. The flop is 4-6-x. Two pair, heh heh. The turn is a 9, I bet heavy. At the river, I am put all-in. I call and win with my little 2 pair. If no one raises the big blind that’s what can happen.

I have J-10 clubs. I raise preflop and get one caller. The flop is 10-x-x and two of them are clubs. He puts in 1000. I semi-bluff, raising him another 2000. I hope he folds but I have top pair if he calls. He calls. Not surprising as I’d been bullying him all night – he had had enough. After the turn we end up all-in. I have J-10, he has 10-9. I double up again.

There were probably other big hands, but I don’t remember them. I made my share of mistakes but I had enough of a lead to get away with it. I stole lots of blinds, took a big pot with an all-in 7-2 (for the sheer hell of it), and generally had a good time playing lots of pots. The big stack saw me through to heads up. It was a great long heads up session. Both of us had very short stacks at least twice and played our way back. I caught trip Queens twice. That helped a lot! I don’t even remember the final hand. But it went my way, I remember that part!

Tonight: $74
Running Total: $719