The bug in the car

The bug wasn’t in the car, it was in the service manual. My car tells you how much oil life is left. When it gets down to 15%, a message is activated. This message displays every time the car is on and stays on until you tell it to stop. It is very annoying. That’s the point.

Today I got the oil changed. It didn’t turn off. I took out the service manual and read how to reset it. It said to get the screen that displayed the oil life, hold down that button for 10 seconds, then follow the prompt to reset. I did it. Nothing happened. I did it again. Same thing. I turned the car off and on. I turned the car off and turned the electrics on. I pressed some different buttons. No change.

I came home and got out my error code scanner so I could reset the error codes. It said there were no errors.

I sat looking at the display for a while. Annoyed. I decided to experiment some more. What if instead of holding down the button on the screen that talks about the oil life, I do it on the screen that has the error code? Yep, that was it.

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Here’s another pet peeve. In every other industry they are putting service instructions online. Want to know how to assemble your pre-made furniture? Want to know how your computer works? Want to know why your lawnmower is making that funny noise? Just head to the internet, it’s all there.

Want to know how the lights on your car work? Good luck. Pay $20-$60 for a hard printed version from Ebay. Why don’t the OEMs make the information free? Why shouldn’t I be able to go to Acura’s website and see everything in every manual for all the cars they’ve every produced. C’mon! They don’t make much money from manuals. There’s no reason to keep their customers ignorant about their products they bought. It’s ridiculous!

2 thoughts on “The bug in the car”

  1. Whoa – slow down there, horsie.

    What’s an error code scanner? That sounds like a pretty interesting thing. Tell us more about that, please.

  2. Well, you did buy an Acura… Just sayin. 😉

    And is it just me, or do all of their cars from the front look like a Transformer? lol

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