Visionworks Rules

When I got glasses a couple years ago I went to Pearle Vision and Lenscrafters. I ended up buying glasses at Visionworks. They were much cheaper for the exact same product.

One of the lenses fell out recently. I went to a local Lenscrafters to see what was the matter. After fooling around for a few minutes, she told me that it was unrepairable and I would need a complete new set of lenses made.

Today I happened to be near the Visionworks where I bought my first pair. They fixed it in 30 seconds. While they were at it, they adjusted my backup pair to fit me better. This is the third time they have done a repair for free.

Visionworks rules!

P.S. I bought my first pair off the internet. The price was right, but I couldn’t get the exact frames I wanted. It turns out I’m really picky about the frames, only Brooks Brothers will do. I wouldn’t have thought that about myself.

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