A Day of Silence

I have some kind of ungodly throat problem. It’s been building for almost a week. Over the weekend it became serious. Swallowing burns. Saliva builds up until I have to make a disgusting dangling spit thread, or swallow and accept the pain as my own.

It helps if I don’t talk or use my voice. The last two days I have spent virtually silent. An odd phrase here or there, a few sentences when I’m feeling well, but mostly nothing. Gestures and facial expressions. It has been interesting to see how well I can make myself known without having to speak. After a bit of practice it gets easy to express most thoughts. I am seeing the world in a different way. I may try out Silence Day this year — not to be confused with The Day of Silence! Pete Townshend is a big supporter of Silence Day. Unfortunately, his song about it stinks. What a wasted opportunity!

I also found out that I yell at my kids a lot more than I thought I did.

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