Poker Update

I had the cards. I had the skill. I didn’t have the luck.

First hand of the night. Small blinds limps into my big blind, I call with Q-8. The flop is 8-6-5. With top pair I raise it, he calls. The turn is a 4. He had a 7, connecting his straight, taking 30% of my stack right there.

An hour later history repeats itself. I raise preflop with K-10. Flop is 8-9-10. Turns out he had 6-7 underneath (why did he call?). At least I got out of that cheap, I incorrectlyread him for A-10 and folded.

Me and one other player are shortstacked. The rebuy clock is almost up, I am sure he’s going all-in with any two cards. He goes all in with 800. I have K-Q suited. I go all in myself, 1300. Big blind mutters to himself and calls with A-10. He knocks us both out and I rebuy. Question: Should he have called the all-in bets? I don’t think it was a really bad play, but I wouldn’t have done it.

I go all in preflop with K-J. Short stack calls me. He had K-10. Guess what the river card was? If you guessed 10 you’re getting the theme of this post.

I go all-in with A-Q suited. A pair of 9s call me. The flop is A…, it’s A-9-x. Oh, c’mon! The Queen on the river is just insulting. I’m out.

Lots of good playable hands, right? I also had bullets twice, stole quite a few blinds, and basically failed to make any big mistakes. And yet… some nights the poker gods are against you.

Tonight: -$40
Running Total: I don’t know, I’m too tired to look it up. -$100?

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