Getting Old Means Not Knowing What’s Going On

I never really learned what a hernia was until my last medical checkup. I never needed to know. It’s never explained anywhere. There’s a whole list of bodily ailments I never gave much thought to, they were things that only old people had to worry about. Now that there are more things to worry about it is harder to figure out what’s going on. Pains from the body are so easily misinterpreted.

I wake up with an odd twinge in my back. Is it simple muscle pain or is there something wrong with my spine? I feel a pain in my chest. Is it a simple muscle cramp or am I having a heart attack? My shoulder hasn’t worked quite right for a couple days. Should I continue to let my body heal itself or should I go see someone about it?

I don’t know how to tell the difference. With all these new things to worry about it’s hard to tell what I actually have.

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