Links o’ Interest

Skydyne tech support emails

Stupid crook of the month

The one thing duct tape won’t work on.

Book review

Beatles Rockband is here

Superhero economics. Really. How come as soon as someone in the comics gets rich, they buy some crazy suit and start trying to destroy or save the world? Clearly having five million dollars makes you insane. And how long would it take The Flash and few others to rebuild the World Trade Center? Why doesn’t anyone go into construction?

Body intake and output diagram

A brief animated history of weed

This should make George Bush’s head explode

Iowa marks the birthplace of it’s best-known citizen. 200 years before it happens.

If you like tennis…

I may never stop using this music tool

Pixar vs the Rest. What an incredible run.

Google’s economist

Photos that changed the world. I can tell I’m a parent, the pictures of children make my heart stop.

Geography and the economy: The Jared Diamond style perspective on the recession

Store owner gives robber $40 and bread, robber breaks down.

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