Parenting at it’s Best: Bringing up Daughter

“While you were gone I pissed on your daughter.”

Thus began the email to my wife while she was out of town. It made me laugh even while I was typing it.

I was watching the kids by myself. Our one-year old daughter takes a lot of attention of course. Well I had to go. Really bad. And you know how little kids love toilets! I raced as fast as I could, but by the time I got my pants down she had already crawled over. The stream hadn’t been going but two seconds when she poked up over the bowl and stretched her hands in to feel what was going on.

I was in mid-stream, you can’t stop at that point! I aimed it as far away as I could (real precision work!) – but sure enough, she got her hands in it. So I’d switch to another part of the bowl and she’d move her arms over there. Every time I changed angles to avoid her she moved back. She was laughing as she splashed my urine all over herself. I was mortified out of my mind and chortling at the same time. You can’t pay for father-daughter bonding moments like that.

(Yes, I cleaned her up.)

How to Improve the NBA

Yes congratulations to new NBA World Champions, The Los Ang.. [choke, gasp] The Los Angele [gu-huk!].. to Kobe Bry[bleearargggh!] I can’t do it. Stupid Lakers!

How is the NBA as a whole doing? Well, the NHL is catching up. Here are two things the NBA could do to that would improve the experience.

  • Enforce the time rules. Free throw shots are supposed to take 10 seconds. They take slightly less than one TiVo fast-forward of 30 seconds. With the amount of free throws thrown every game this adds up. Simply enforcing the rules to chop a few seconds off each free throw would go a long way. 20 second timeouts aren’t 20 seconds. They are well over a minute. Enforce the rule! And reduce the number of timeouts. Games should not end with a timeout after every possession. Even more than the free throws the timeouts kill the flow of the game. Especially in the first half.
  • Never start weekend games past 7:00. Especially for the playoffs!An NBA games take over 3 hours to play. You should never have to stay up late to watch the ending. If two teams in the same time zone play each other, the game should not start past 7:00 local time. This can be relaxed a little in the post-season, since more games are of national interest. 8:00 is allowable in that case. Maybe even 8:30 since West Coast viewers have to get to a set. But no later than that. And never on weekends! Why on earth would you schedule a weekend game at an hour that ensures most people won’t watch the end of it? It’s insane! I love the NBA, but I wasn’t going to stay up to nearly midnight to watch the free-throw and timeout contest that is the last 5 minutes of an NBA game. I went to bed. In the morning I’d watch the last few minutes and see who won.

When you’re losing my interest, you as a league have done something wrong. What are your ideas?

Poker Update: Social Night

It was “>Teela Brown night or something. There were three experienced players at a table of nine, there was a low buy-in with unlimited rebuys, and alcohol was involved. People would go all-in at the drop of a hat.

I couldn’t have been luckier. I had Q-A, the flop was Q-Q-x. Doubled up. I had A-A and got the other guy all-in on the turn, knocked him out. With Q-10 I caught the nut straight on the river to knock out two players. Just ridiculous.

On the other hand, there was one guy luckier than me. He had never played Texas Hold’Em before, but it didn’t matter. He just got the cards. For example. I had Q-A, raised the blinds from 400 to 2,000. Mrs. Muttrox called (she had K-A). He called also. Nothing came on the board, but I pushed anyhow. They stayed with me. He won. He had called the huge preflop raise from two players with 7-9, and 7-9 came up on the board giving him two pair. What are you gonna do, right?

I was knocked out in a similar way. With a relatively small short-stack, I limped in with 10-8, and he called. The flop was 10-9-4. With top pair, I bet heavily, and was called. The turn was a blank. I went all-in. He called. He had J-Q. The river was a K for the straight, knocking me out. I can’t complain about that one. He was right to call with an open-ended straight on the flop, he just got lucky. And I was lucky as heck the first two hours, so, hey that’s poker! Fun night!

Tonight: -$10, or -$40 if you count my bankrolling of Mrs. Muttrox.

Poker Mini-Update (minor news)

Our group is doing a Tournament of Champions this year. Each week a little money is pulled out of the prize pool. The top players each week get a few points, and you get a point for showing up. After 15 weeks, the top 8 players will have a winner-take-all tournament for the winnings and monster bragging rights. The starting stacks will be partially determined by how many points you accumulate during the year. You can follow my progress over here.

Also, nine months ago I was calling out Klaus as a terrible player and using a ridiculous hand we played as a perfect example of being Hellmuth’d. I said, “He’s a nice guy and will probably be a good player when he gets through paying his dues. I intend to be his dues in the meantime”. I’m updating to say that Klaus has payed a lot of dues and has improved his game a lot. He’s still in the bottom half of our group, but he is a legitimate player now.

Poker Update

The omens were horrible. I had been battling Montezuma’s Revenge all day. I untwisted the front wheel of my bike to ride it to the poker game and the entire brake caliper snapped in half. Not good omens at all.

I was determined to play tight. I didn’t play many pots. I didn’t have to show my cards during the first 90 minutes or so. Everyone was folding before me. That was nice, since I never got premium cards. I found myself with a small lead.

With blinds at 100-200, the player to my left raises to 500. There is one caller. Then an all-in bet of 1850. I look down and see pocket kings. O my, I couldn’t ask for a better time! I call. His pocket queens don’t hold up, and I find myself almost 3,000 richer. I felt bad for him, he made absolutely the right play, just happened to run into kings at the wrong time.

Blinds at 200-400. It’s raised to 1,200. From the big blind I have K-J of clubs, that’s worth calling. The flop has two clubs and nothing else. I decide to push a little (I am the big stack after all) and throw in another 1,200. It’s called. The turn is a blank. I check. He goes all in with his remaining 2,300. Seeing as how any ace or board pair beats me, I am probably behind. I figure I have 15 outs on the river: 3 kings, 3 jacks, and 9 clubs. That’s 30-35%. Plus there’s the chance that the other guy is bluffing. It costs me 2,300 to get back over 7K. With the pot odds on my side I call. He has an ace. The river is another club, I get my flush and knock him out. Note to self: That’s a bad beat in my favor!

Blinds at 400-800, we’re down to 4 players. At this point any ace is a good hand. With A-7, I raise to 1,800. The next guy goes all-in. I reluctantly fold.
The very next hand I have A-4, I again raise to 1,800. This time he calls. The flop is A-10-7, he goes all-in. I don’t know what to do. It feels like he’s pushing me around, but there are a lot of hands that can beat me. I call. He has A-Q and it holds up. It’s lucky I was the big stack. That hands knocks me way down, but I’m still in it.

I don’t remember a lot of the rest. I got some good cards and some good reads and some good luck and made my way back to the lead. We eventually get back to heads up at 1,000-2,000 (there’s 35,000 chips in play). On the very hand I call his all-in with Q-J and get knocked down to about 12K. I fight back a little. But it’s 11:45. We’re exhausted. We have to close up the pool and we have work the next day. He offers a chop, with him getting an extra $10 on top. I agree.

Tonight: $70
Running Total: I haven’t put this up lately because it’s so depressing. I figure with this win I’m somewhere around -$50. I’m going to use that.

Laundry Math

I was folding laundry for the kids. Because it was slowing me down so much I noticed that most of the shirts were inside out. Why is that? Is there any reason they should all be inside out? What are the odds of this happening randomly. Time to run some numbers.

33 shirts
24 or them inside out.
Probability of that (or worse happening)?

Two-tenths of one percent.

Conclusion: My kids hate me.

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