Busted by the Six-year Old

(We have a Power Wheels Jeep we bought at a yard sale a couple years ago. The battery died recently. It wouldn’t take a recharge. We bought a new battery. They’ve been driving it around all morning.)

Him: Dad, we stopped using the Jeep.
Me: Why?
Him: We didn’t want to waste the battery. We want to save it for later!
Me: Oh. That’s good thinking. But you know, the battery doesn’t need to be saved. You can use it all day. If the battery runs out we can recharge it overnight.
Him: ?
Me: Okay. You know how batteries run out, right? When this runs out, we plug it into the wall with a special tool called a “recharger”, and that gives it new energy.
Him: Why didn’t we do that for the old battery then?
Me: Good question. We did. But each time we recharge it, it comes back just a little bit less than it did before. So if you use it enough times recharging doesn’t do very much. We used it so many times that it was all used up. That’s why we needed to buy a new battery.
Him: Oh! But we don’t use it very much.
Me: Sure you do. We’ve had it for two years. And don’t forget that Mom bought it from another kid. So there’s all the times he used it also. That’s a lot, right?
Him: What? I thought we got it from Santa!
Me: Um… what?
Him: We got it for Christmas one year, don’t you remember?
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Him: Dad! Yes! It was in our driveway at Christmas! Santa brought it!
Me: Uh.. I’m not sure about that. Anyhow, why don’t you go play on it some more.
Him: Okay (going down stairs) but we really did get it at Christmas.
Me: [weakly] Well, maybe Santa got it from the other kid.
Him: Dad! Why would Santa need to steal a Jeep!!!??
Me: Okay. You win. Go outside and play.

Poker Update

In the early going I min-raise in with A-9. Only one other caller. The flop is K-J-7. I bet a couple hundred and he calls. I figure he has K-x. The turn is an A. I figure I have him beat. I have him read as K-x. Now my Aces beat his Kings. I put in a couple more hundred and he calls. The river is a blank. I put in 500. He comes over the top with 1000. Oh man, he can’t have K-A can he? Or any other two pair? I have to call. He turns over pocket 7s. His set takes me down. I never saw it coming. I really thought I had the correct read. Short-stacked, I get knocked out quickly and rebuy.

I played A-9 four times and lost every single time. The fifth time I decided to play conservative and fold it. The flop was 9-9-x. Sigh!!

I played well the next two hours. I have a below average, but not super small stack in the final eight players. I am playing tight. The blinds are at 200-400. The player under the gun pushes in to 1000. I look down at Ad-Qd. I go all in with 2,350. To my suprise a third player calls as well as the 1,000 bettor. The flop is A-J-10. I feel pretty good with top pair and a very high kicker. One of the other player goes all in, the third player folds. We flip up our cards. He has K-Q and has flopped the straight, I get knocked out.

I wonder why he called. K-Q is a pretty good hand, but to call a 1,000 better and an all-in with it? It is just me or is that a foolhardy bet that happened to hit?

Postscript: It’s the day after, I’m reviewing in my head. It’s true I’ve gone all in with marginal hands a few times. If it had been just him and me it could be considered a reasonable gamble on his part. However when one player had raised and when I had raised all-in, calling it with K-Q is a bad play. It’s very likely you don’t have the best hand, and you can’t bluff me out when I’m all-in already. It was a bad play by him.

Coincidentally, it was the same guy who had the pocket 7s earlier. Also coincidentally, two hands before K-Q had called an all-in against A-A. Two kings came up on the board. Maybe he just figured K-Q was lucky.