Links o’ Interest

The ad that Microsoft should be running.

Why I won’t be going to my high school reunion. Fortunately I always got along with everyone at school, but I certainly knew people who could have written almost every word of this.

JK Rowling must register as a potential pedophile. Government gone mad.

She’s not coming back

Asia sounds a lot better now

This must be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. For shame, Home Depot!

Twilight in 4 frames

What is it with the midgets?

State of the nation in Iran (funny)

Insurance Policy

Oh, the irony burns

Biggest hick shows them up in America’s got Talent

Greatest drunk story ever told (NSFW)

Bear cub’s late reaction

Need a good comeback to “Make me a Sandwich”

Going down the stairs the cool way


Another great Borat story. Commitment.

American Media in a nutshell

Backseat driver

Shooting clay pigeons. With a bow.

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