Links of Interest

Dr. Dooms brilliant stand-up act.

Why Kanye West is a douche

Town officials can’t figure out what 2/3 of 206 is

Fantastic commercial. NSFW audio, but don’t bother without audio

This is a great first car because…

Minimum wage

In emergencies

Gary: Landlord of the flies

Emails from an a-hole

Humorous toilet directions

Graduation shirt

Deeply flawed, but funny, posthumous zinger

A political parable

The Beatles and Clash in Rubik’s cubes

STFU, Parents

Surface: The view from underneath

An oldie but goodie – Michael Lewis on a football innovator

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat and Bruno) on interviewing a terrorist. Not in character, as himself.

Will they ever learn? I guess not.

A roundup of Palin lies

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