Ted Kennedy

I feel like I should say something. I was a big fan of Kennedys. He lived by his brother’s words “For of those to whom much is given, much is required”. None of the Kennedy’s ever needed to lift a finger for anyone else, they were born with everything. Nevertheless, they all entered public service. Despite their many flaws, each of them left the world a better place for their efforts. Very few of us can say the same.

Today, tens of thousands of mourners are out in Boston. I would not be a bit surprised if there’s another zero on that by the end of the day.

Random Ted Kennedy story: My father was in the same Harvard class as Ted Kennedy. For most of his life he has hated Kennedy with a passion. Not only does he disagree with him politically, but he knows the Kennedy cheated on that Spanish test. Here’s the crazy part: My father (like me) has almost no Boston accent. But whenever he talks about Ted Kennedy it comes back. “That ahshole! That bahstahd!” My father almost never swears either, so it’s doubly funny.

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