Are Your Ready for Some Football (Part 1)?

Fantasy Football:

Once again, it looks as though I am primed to take the league by storm. I kept my top five from last year. I still I had a lot of talent that I couldn’t hold on to (you can only keep five), but I was able to convert them into draft picks, which were converted into decent players. Pre-season projection have me sitting on top of the league, but maybe not quite as dominant as last year. Here’s my team:

Name Position Team
Drew Brees QB NO
Philip Rivers QB SD
Frank Gore RB SF
Michael Turner RB ATL
Greg Jennings WR GB
Terrell Owens WR BUF
Roy Williams WR DAL
Kerry Collins QB TEN
Brady Quinn QB CLE
Darren Sproles RB SD
Tony Gonzalez TE ATL
Dustin Keller TE NYJ
Torry Holt WR JAC
Lance Moore WR NO

I have had a bad feeling about Michael Turner. I think he’ll be okay, but not as good as last year. The Falcons have a tougher schedule and teams are ready for him. Hopefully yesterday’s game will be the exception.

Week 1 is not quite yet over, but I have the high score before Philip Rivers and Terrell Owens take the field. Go me!

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