Links o’ Interest

The American Gothic subjects posing with the picture.

For no good reason. I give you, man in rainbow chicken suit going over cliff on bicycle.

Dinosaurs and everything in this sand sculpture.

How to do the Moulin Rouge

“Keep fucking that chicken.”

A very inappropriate CAPTCHA for a dating site

Infinity and recursion

Needs help with Ikea furniture

Matthew McConaughey Cannot Stand Up By Himself

The world record holder for the most Guiness World Records

The world’s saddest dog

The white whale

Frustrated video dater completely loses his cool. Watch until the end.

I don’t know what this is, but I can’t turn it off

The worst cheating in sports history. “This is no run-of-the-mill piece of skulduggery… Rather, it was cheating as a potentially lethal act; as potential murder.”

The $20 millionaire

Oh Rush Limbaugh, you’ve topped yourself now. You want to bring back segregated buses!

The marshmallow test. They made it into cute montage, but it’s a very powerful test. Children who succeed (can wait a long time) do better in life in just about every way. The power to delay gratification is a enormous predictor of long-term success.

These two sides are equal

Woman threatened with $1000 fine for watching the neighbor’s children until the bus came.

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