Links o’ Interest

Dear Dr. Ruth…

That’s going to be a great Halloween costume

Dad, why can’t we be Jedis this year?

Bankers vs. the President

How to pick your religion

Arnold wouldn’t sign this bill. And he added a bonus, read the first letter in each line. (Yes, this is true.)

Baby language development

Hey Jude flowchart (can you find the error?)

Woman survives 10,000 volt shock. (Skip to about 1:00 in this video.)

The Edmonton girls’ hockey team is from 1916 and predates the Nazi party. (There were three Canadian hockey teams called the swastikas.)

What not to serve at your daughter’s birthday party

It took 18 months, but he’s finally cleared of kicking his neighbor’s bucket. Really.

A great stick

Assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870…

This is a fishing show that might not put me to sleep.

Bird diets of human food

Bronson Pinchot interview. Nice honesty.

Retirement community tries to evict six-year old. Nice ethics.

A history of internet memes

Posting photos to MySpace

Prophecy Fail

The Evolution of Superstition

25 defaced bills

Bob Dylan’s huge influence

Pepsi loses 1.26 billion dollar court case because they didn’t know about it.

Eisenhower’s letter on discovering the first concentration camp.” George Patton would not even enter. He said he would get sick if he did so. I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to “propaganda.””

I read this NYT story about the yelling-at-children-epidemic and had the same reaction as this author.

And as always, Tom the Dancing Bug is fantastic.

Poker Update

I was bubble boy. At 3-handed, I had A-4. I raised preflop and got an Ace on the flop. But the other guy had A-Q. Oh well.

WSOP: How about Ivey completely missing the flush? Right now my money is on Shulman to take it all, even though I am 3-degrees removed from Eric Buchman (his cousin married a high-school buddy of mine).

Basketball is on

This is my favorite time of year. Professional football and basketball are my favorite sports and they will both be on for a few months.

On opening night the Celtics beat the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers were 39-2 at home last year, that’s a heck of a win. I would rather have Rasheed Wallace than Shaq any day. I suspect that the 2009 Shaq is not only not very good, he’s a liability. We’ll see.

Pro-rated record for the 2009 Celtics (after 2 games): 82-0!
Pro-rated record for the 2009 Cavaliers (after 2 games): 0-82!

Here are excerpts from the book the NBA doesn’t want you to read. Read it. I believe every word.

Just Kill the Guy Already

This is offensive.

An Ohio death row inmate won a stay of execution on Monday, three days before he was to have been put to death for killing a Cleveland-area woman in 1994, because the state was unable to carry out the execution of another prisoner three weeks ago.

Ridiculous. The doctors couldn’t find a vein for Rommel Brown after two hours of trying. The governor granted a stay of execution. Now Ohio has delayed three more.

This is insane. These are convicted murderers. Or worse, this latest one is a convicted rapist and torturer and murderer.

This is not a case of innocent people getting a last reprieve. This has nothing to do with legal issues. These are cases where the worst people in the world, those who inflicted incalculable pain on other, are allowed to live because we can’t find a way to kill them without hurting them a little.

I’m sure two hours of poking around for a vein is awful, but tough sh*t. It’s not summer camp, it’s the death penalty. The care given to the convict’s precious feeling is absurdly disproportionate to the crime they committed. It’s okay if they feel a little pain. It’s okay if they feel a lot of pain. They are lucky people. Biros has been alive and well-fed in the 18 years since he did the murder. “Death row inmates in the U.S. typically spend over a decade awaiting execution. Some prisoners have been on death row for well over 20 years.” These convicts are extremely lucky this society cares so much about how they go out. One of these or these methods could have been used. We take extensive measures to make sure they feel no pain. I wish we didn’t.

electric chair

Just kill them already.

Links o’ Interest

Don’t annoy a nerd

Fat kid stuck in skate bowl. It’s the new “stuck in a well”.

Extremely slow motion videos of bullets. Fascinating.

Type anything and have it sung back to you. Oddly entertaining.

Superheros in war photos

Another addictive internet game

Scientists create the most annoying song ever

Pacman explained

Close call for this pedestrian

OnStar to the rescue

21 guest shots
that stretched the meaning of “as themselves”

Nice farewell note

Maybe John Mayer is cool after all.

Neat cardboard animation. Gets better as it goes along.

Train runs over a six-month old baby, who comes out unharmed. With video.

The illiterate minority

10 Things you didn’t know about sexual biology, male and female.

Gorilla in a catscan

Thinking of opening a restaurant? Maybe not. “I had somebody approach me who had a very good job with a major company and an MBA from a prestigious university. I looked at him and asked, “Is your career in danger?” He said, “No, but I’ve always loved food. I love to cook. I love to have parties.” I told him to invite 20 friends over, throw a great dinner party, and then take a stack of $100 bills and burn them one by one. It will be fun—and cheaper than opening a restaurant.”

A World War II veteran speaks out about gay marriage. Very touching. (About 3 minutes.)

Patriots Win, 59-0

I could not take much joy in this game. Sure it was great at first. The hook up to Moss. Lawrence Maroney on fire. The Patriots understanding how to play in snow and ice and rain against a fair-weather team. The flea flicker was fantastic.

But after that it was no fun. It was like watching a particularly awkward episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office. Part of you enjoys it but a lot of you just wants it to be over. You finish watching out of a sense of duty not because it’s actually enjoyable.

I wonder what the Titans locker room was like at half time. I think they just sat there staring at the wall. What could you say? They are some of the best athletes on the planet, but in this game they just plain sucked.

Quote of the Year

The wife likes to watch The Rachel Zoe Project. I watched with her a few minutes. One of Rachel’s assistants was mad at some interns she was in charge of. Things weren’t going well, and she had to say something to them. She spoke slowly, thinking carefully about what she was saying. And she said it.

Oh my god, you guys like so don’t take me serious!

Gee, I wonder why not.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a fantastic show. Although nothing will ever measure up to it’s first two seasons, it’s gotten very close. Of four episodes this season, two have been funny and two have been amazingly crying-from-laughing funny. Go online and watch Frank’s Intervention (maybe here also). Classic TV.

The best thing about the show is that it has no redeeming values whatsoever. None. Everything on the show is just awful. Even South Park usually has a lesson. Just reading the descriptions on Wikipedia made me laugh out loud.

The series follows The Gang, a group of five white, semi-alcoholic, unethical underachievers who run Paddy’s Pub, a run-down bar in Philadelphia.

Dennis, Dee (Deandra), Mac, Charlie, and Frank are dishonest, selfish, egotistical, and/or antagonistic, and are often embroiled in controversial issues. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against one another or others for personal gain or the pleasure of watching their downfall. Their tactics often rely on inflicting emotional and sometimes physical pain on individuals both deserving and undeserving. They regularly use sex to blackmail and manipulate one another and others outside of the group. Their unity is never solid; any of them would quickly dump the others for quick profit or personal gain regardless of the consequences.

Dennis has a strong superiority complex. He is almost wholly unable to empathize and routinely destroys others’ property, betrays his friends, and harshly criticizes the appearance of people in his presence. He even insults and demeans his friends, particularly Deandra and Charlie, on a regular basis and never hesitates to draw attention to their flaws, shortcomings, and past failures. Both his friends and enemies consistently refer to him as “a piece of sh*t” throughout the series.

Charlie is an angry underachiever prone to Al Pacino-styled outbursts. He has poor personal hygiene, lives in squalor, and frequently abuses inhalants such as glue and spray paint. Charlie, like the rest of The Gang, drinks copious amounts of alcohol. In addition, Charlie has abused anabolic steroids, LSD, and amyl nitrate poppers, and has been addicted to powdered cocaine. Throughout the show, Charlie exhibits difficulty reading and writing; The Gang frequently accuses him of being illiterate and calls him “retarded.”Sweet Dee was unpopular in high school due to her severe scoliosis, for which she wore a corrective back brace that earned her the nickname “The Aluminum Monster.” Despite identifying herself as a compassionate liberal, she is characterized as being selfish, greedy, and prejudiced. She is consistently criticized and belittled by The Gang for her appearance (in one episode Dennis refers to her as “The Female Larry Bird”), for her lack of talent, and for being a woman. Dee is usually ignored or ridiculed whenever she presents an idea to The Gang; however, if someone repeats her exact suggestion, it is immediately accepted. In her mother’s will, Dee is told that she has been a disappointment and a mistake (even though she is Dennis’ twin).

Like the rest of The Gang, Charlie has a poor grasp of history and current events, sometimes avoiding a conversation altogether to maintain his dignity.

Although he seeks his friends’ acceptance, Mac takes special pleasure in undermining, physically harming, contradicting, and publicly belittling Sweet Dee at every possible opportunity. Though Mac seems to care more about issues such as abortion, community activism, and parenting than the rest of The Gang, his views on such subjects are invaraiably twisted, ignorant, or prejudiced, and his actions regarding them are always hypocritical and selfish.

Frank claims to have his children’s best interests at heart but he frequently exploits and insults them. Over the course of the series he has pimped out his son Dennis for “no-rules” sexual favors and trained his daughter Sweet Dee to be a boxer so she could fight the daughter of his longtime nemesis. He is especially cruel to Dee, constantly remarking negatively on her age and looks. Frank personally waterboards Dee in Paddy’s men’s room to gain a confession in “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis.”

He says he went to Vietnam, leading people to believe he fought in the Vietnam War, but Dennis and Dee both remind him that he went to Vietnam in 1993 to open a sweatshop.

Boy Drifting over Colorado in Homemade Balloon


FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A 6-year-old boy is floating over northeastern Colorado in a homebuilt balloon and authorities are racing to try and rescue him.

Update: I saw a few seconds of footage last night. Even in those few seconds I could tell there was no one in it. A balloon that size would float very differently with a 50 pound boy in it. It turned out the boy was sleeping in the attic. Oy.

Poker Update

These have gotten kind of boring, huh? I don’t remember many hands tonight (I gave blood earlier)… there were bad beats and lucky draws, there were bluffs and such bla bla.

We have accelerated the blind structure, so near the end of hour 3, there were 30 big blinds worth of chips in play with four players. You know what that means – lots of all-ins.

That is also a good time to have pocket queens when the other guy has pocket jacks.

And heads up is an awful good time to get pocket aces when the other guy has A-4.

Tonight: $116. I think. Between add-ons and bounties (we tried those out tonight) the math is a little shaky. It’s around thar somewheres.

Even More Good User Interface

A year ago, I enthused over my Acura’s windshield wiper controls. Specifically, that the intermittent wipers fastest setting was the same as having them on continuously. I discovered it’s even better than that. First it senses whether the car is moving. If it is, it puts them on continuous wiping. If it’s not, it leaves them with a small pause between wipes.

That’s clever!

Lunch Follies

I had lunch with some new people. I sat at a different people so I could get to know some co-workers I usually don’t associate with. Lunch was delicious: meatloaf and mashed potatoes.*

I was wiping up some of the sauce on a piece of roll. As I bit into it, it somehow fell out of my hand and back on the plate. I picked it up again. As I put it in my mouth it slipped out again and fell into my lap.

I looked up. One person had seen the whoel thing. I said to her, “You saw that, right? I just missed my mouth. Twice!”

I have a feeling I did not impress these new people.

(*Dan Quayle was right. Potatoes is a valid spelling.)

Links o’ Interest

A very pointless machine. If you turn it on, it turns itself off.

Insider trading

Surely, this economic correlation is a coincidence. Right?

People still do this? Oh, I get it now.

Daddy’s Girl

New business meeting

Best riot picture

All kinds of non-prejudice

World’s worst glamour shot. Or something.

Geek love

The English go to redneck country

Hitler vs. Stalin: The surprisingly literate comic book

Caricaturist is robbed. Draws perfect picture of attacker in 15 seconds, the police make an easy arrest.

The real villain of Star Wars

Banned copier commercial

Perfect Pitch demo. The other suggested links are neat also.

Dinosaurs visit a German TV talk show.

Pascal’s Wager revisited

The king of ball-hawking

Talking piano. Really. That is cool.

A glorious dawn: Sagan and Hawking sing with some help from autotune

Coming out:
the diary of an 18-year old telling his parents he’s gay. (Start with the plain text, then move to the updates)

The accidental warlord

Unexpected psychology lessons from porn users