How About Them Patriots, eh?

The Pats have just had two straight wins over quality opponents. They are at 3-1 already. Not too shabby.

Brady is looking good. The first game he looked bad, the second game he looked mediocre, now he looks good. Not fantastic, but good. Balls are starting to hit receivers in stride again, Wes Welker is bailing him out again – there’s a lot of reason to think we’re heading nowhere but up.

I am not too impressed by our secondary. For all the effort put into it, it looks about the same as always.

3 thoughts on “How About Them Patriots, eh?”

  1. They ought to call that more, it was great. I liked afterwards, the coach was still yelling at the ref, who just went about doing his business like the coach didn’t exist. That’s a man who’s used to receiving abuse.

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