Just Kill the Guy Already

This is offensive.

An Ohio death row inmate won a stay of execution on Monday, three days before he was to have been put to death for killing a Cleveland-area woman in 1994, because the state was unable to carry out the execution of another prisoner three weeks ago.

Ridiculous. The doctors couldn’t find a vein for Rommel Brown after two hours of trying. The governor granted a stay of execution. Now Ohio has delayed three more.

This is insane. These are convicted murderers. Or worse, this latest one is a convicted rapist and torturer and murderer.

This is not a case of innocent people getting a last reprieve. This has nothing to do with legal issues. These are cases where the worst people in the world, those who inflicted incalculable pain on other, are allowed to live because we can’t find a way to kill them without hurting them a little.

I’m sure two hours of poking around for a vein is awful, but tough sh*t. It’s not summer camp, it’s the death penalty. The care given to the convict’s precious feeling is absurdly disproportionate to the crime they committed. It’s okay if they feel a little pain. It’s okay if they feel a lot of pain. They are lucky people. Biros has been alive and well-fed in the 18 years since he did the murder. “Death row inmates in the U.S. typically spend over a decade awaiting execution. Some prisoners have been on death row for well over 20 years.” These convicts are extremely lucky this society cares so much about how they go out. One of these or these methods could have been used. We take extensive measures to make sure they feel no pain. I wish we didn’t.

electric chair

Just kill them already.

2 thoughts on “Just Kill the Guy Already”

  1. My liberalism lies in that defendants should get the full protections of due process, competent lawyers, etc. As I mentioned somewhere, I give most of my charity money these days to The Innocence Project. The legal system has many problems, and they do need to be addressed.

    However, there comes a point at which the person has been found guilty, there is no recanted witnesses, new evidence, DNA findings – in short, there is no reasonable doubt. At that point, I turn pretty conservative, or at least pro-death penalty. Kill the scumbags. It is not punishment for cruelty’s sake, it is justice.

  2. Who knew libs like Muttrox had a common-sense view on the criminal justice system? There is hope! I agree with the post but will go one step further. We should punish our worst-of-the-worst convicts with such hard labor that they won’t want to postpone the execution for 20 years… they might actually look forward to it.

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