Links o’ Interest

Don’t annoy a nerd

Fat kid stuck in skate bowl. It’s the new “stuck in a well”.

Extremely slow motion videos of bullets. Fascinating.

Type anything and have it sung back to you. Oddly entertaining.

Superheros in war photos

Another addictive internet game

Scientists create the most annoying song ever

Pacman explained

Close call for this pedestrian

OnStar to the rescue

21 guest shots
that stretched the meaning of “as themselves”

Nice farewell note

Maybe John Mayer is cool after all.

Neat cardboard animation. Gets better as it goes along.

Train runs over a six-month old baby, who comes out unharmed. With video.

The illiterate minority

10 Things you didn’t know about sexual biology, male and female.

Gorilla in a catscan

Thinking of opening a restaurant? Maybe not. “I had somebody approach me who had a very good job with a major company and an MBA from a prestigious university. I looked at him and asked, “Is your career in danger?” He said, “No, but I’ve always loved food. I love to cook. I love to have parties.” I told him to invite 20 friends over, throw a great dinner party, and then take a stack of $100 bills and burn them one by one. It will be fun—and cheaper than opening a restaurant.”

A World War II veteran speaks out about gay marriage. Very touching. (About 3 minutes.)

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