A Bit About Healthcare

I try to follow the healthcare stuff. I read a lot. My father is an expert, my wife knows a fair amount, I’m good at economics. And yet it’s nearly impossible to understand it. There are too many threads.

It’s because prices aren’t transparent. No, it’s because of fee for service instead of fee for health. No, it’s because of corrupt medical-insurance-governmental relationships. No, it needs tort reform. No, it’s because of innovative treatments. No, it’s treating ordinary transactions as insurance. No, it’s the lack of universal coverage. No, it’s the public option. No matter what thread you pull on, it’s connected to everything else.

That saiid, it’s obvious that this has something to do with it. Scroll through slides 5-26. Go ahead and do it. It’s amazing.


2 thoughts on “A Bit About Healthcare”

  1. jesus
    are our doctors and hospitals that much richer here than in other countries?
    I guess I’m just wondering WHY everything is more expensive here.
    I’m assuming its because doctors and hospitals do want to get rich, ad the fact that training a doctor is so expensive here.
    Regardless, thats nuts. You can’t tell me there isn’t some amout of price fixing going on. Of course, competition is somewhat limited too. Most of us don’t make lots of choices regarding what hospital we go to.

    I’m incoherant with annoyance bordering on anger

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