Links o’ Interest

Billy Madison lives on (go to page 2)

Statutary rape

You can’t afford to be skinny… ah, it was a different time.

Selection bias: Why your friends have more friends than you

35 Interesting Science Fair Experiments

101 best music videos of this decade

Miracle Whip vs. Colbert

Enough clips of kids welcoming back their soldier Dads. What about the dogs!?

Dear Blockbuster member:

Joackim Noah critic eats his words. Literally.

Make me mighty!

Unclear on the concept: Hit the Bitch

Diplomacy meets soccer

How to play piano like Philip Glass

Hacked Roombas used to play Pacman

AMA changes its stance on medical marijuana, wants research

Even worse than Twilight: The Stephanie Meyer comic book

Pulp Fiction theme played on guitar and pencils

The making of a solider. Two years of photos of a young man becoming a solider.

Pictures from Afghanistan

Beijing’s underground city

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