Aerosmith Breaking Up?


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has said that singer Steven Tyler has quit the band “as far as I can tell”.

Perry’s comments follow those of rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford, who last week (November 6) said that Aerosmith are to hold crisis talks about their future after relations with Tyler became strained.

Update: I should have called out one of this blog’s most popular posts, my personal Aerosmith top 10 list.

College Life

Last week my father sent me a big box full of all my stuff from college. Textbooks, journals, notebooks, even my picture of a young Claudia Schiffer that used to be on the wall.

It’s striking how much more talented I was back then.

I’m a fair doodler today, but my college cartoons are minor masterpieces. All kinds of great art, casually whipped off during classes. I found one I had put on a test (I always finished tests in a third of the alloted time and would be bored out of my skull for the rest of the time) that the teacher said should be in the New Yorker. (But no, it did not get me extra credit in the class.)

And the math. Pages filled with equations nine terms long composed almost entirely of symbols. And little notes from myself: “As long as R-sub-i is relatively large compared to R-sub-1, then sigma-sub-i is a good estimator.” I can follow along today, but I have lost a whole level or two of mathematical abstraction and intuition that used to be second nature to me.

Man, I sure got dumb.

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Blog Update: Where’s all the posts?

How come there hasn’t been much content lately? I can’t come up with much to write about. Any topics you want to hear me riff on?

I’m just not inspired lately. I know there’s a bunch of people who read this and never comment, bit it’s discouraging not to get any feedback. It’s my job as a writer to make the blog engaging enough that people want to comment. I don’t duck that responsibility. And yet, it’s hard enough to find time to do this between all the other demands on my life, it’s just hard to get motivated when nothing is coming back.

In October Muttroxia averaged just under a post every day. I got a total of 23 comments, and 7 of them were from me. It’s been months and months since there was something that generated real discussion. I thought the “Kill ’em all” one would get some, but nope. The football jerseys, I know lots of my readers deal with powerpoint dictation, even the political post, nada.

I won $125 at poker this week, eh so what. I got some Links o’ Interest coming tonight…

The Fu-fu-Four Year Old

I like to play word games with the kids. It’s fun, and helps build their vocabulary. We have a little song to set the questions to. For example, “I’m thinking of a word, it sounds like ‘lake’. It’s something you eat, it’s…?” “Cake!” Or “I’m thinking of a word, it rhymes with ‘tree’. It starts with ‘M’, it’s…?” “Me!” I vary the difficulty for the six- and the four-year old.

Grandpa called yesterday while we were playing this. I had just finished doing “I’m thinking of an animal, it rhymes with “ox”. It starts with ‘Fuh’, it’s…” The four-year old had correctly answered “Fox!” F’s and animals were fresh in his mind.

I put Grandpa on speakerphone. He asked how we were doing. The four year old yelled back at the top of his lungs, “I’m thinking animal, rhymes with Duck, it’s FUUUCCCKKK!!!