Links o’ Interest

Why men shouldn’t write advice columns

This dubbing made me giggle.

Incredible one-shot lip dub with a whole high school. And it’s filmed backwards!

Tower explosion conspiracy


If I had one hour to live…

The Iron Man 2 trailer is out

The D.E.N.N.I.S. system really works

Guitar hero for Christmas – great idea.


Religion 101 final

The Morgan Freeman chain of command

Tape measure man!

Council of the Gods

Fight club

Greatest slap ever

The worst cover version ever.

That’s sad.

2009’s best celebrity candid photos

The psychology of menus

Round like a shot

Great best man prank, a twitter feed every time the newlyweds go at it.

House in action

How to use a cel phone

Time to grow up

Man appeals traffic ticket to Supreme Court, and wins

The human cost of unemployment, a photo story.

Checkbox raindrops

Fractal wrongness

Wall of knowledge

Neato video

NBA player ties shoes during a live play, holding the ball. Not one Bull tries to steal the ball.

A mathematically correct breakfast of linked bagel halves. I can’t wait to try this.

Racetrack stoopers

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