Getting Older

The first night of Hannukah I got a tie. The second night I got a nice shirt. The third night I got matching pants. What do I think of getting clothes for presents?

“Allright! Just what I wanted! Thanks hon!”

One thought on “Getting Older”

  1. what is it about Hannukah that makes people think presents should be practical?
    (not that I mind some nice clothes but…)
    My most vivid Hannukah memory: I was still living in Marlboro so this must have been 3rd grade. All I wanted was a Stretch Armstrong. I’d been asking for it, and hoping for months. I’m not saying that getting me Mr. Armstrong would have been a good idea, I’m just saying thats what I wanted.
    The first night, my parents hand me a box. A small box. I mean a really small box.
    I was immediately heart-broken. Unless Stretch was doing some amazing trick that required the venting of mass into another dimension (a la Yellowjacket, Wasp, and other shrinking heroes) I wasn’t getting what I wanted.
    I got a watch.
    I don’t know WHY they thought I should have a watch.
    I don’t know WHY they thought I would like a watch.
    But a watch was what I got.

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