Links o’ Interest

Dear sailors

The gathering


5 Insane Fan Theories that make the movie better

The fake freeway sign that made the roads better

Reddit’s comment of the year

Jesus makes things so hard


Dirty Harry has a problem

Maybe it’s just a phase

Fun with Mormons

The dungeonmaster of the rings

This poor guy – and so funny

Printers are from hell

That’s how it happened, street life

Drumming up business

Fantastic law firm ad

What? You were the Joker, right?

The 4 myths of profile pictures

The band OKGo explains why they can’t allow their YouTube videos to be embedded on any other sites

Google’s new approach to China

He calmly announced his own murder, and almost brought down the president of Guatemala. Then it got weird.

Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster: The downfall of John Edwards

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