Links o’ Interest

Must.. buy.. groceries…

Baby platypuses. Platypi?

The final frontier

Learn about blue whales

Boy calls police to surrender his pacifiers.

Press this in dire situations.


The origin of evil

What to do if I’m murdered

Why did Sauron attack Middle-Earth? Self-defense against Gondorian aggression!

They’re going to expect more of you

1. Go to 2. Type “where is Chuck Norris”. 3. Press “I’m feeling lucky”. 4. You are welcome.

How a stray mouseclick cost a bank $150K and chocked the NYSE. Adventures in poor user interface.

The MacGyver multi-tool

Lunch notes from my wife

Cooper Manning, the other Manning brother

Before they were too big to fail.

Using the zero-rupee note to fight corruption in India. When psychology meets corruption.

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