Links o’ Interest

The first Calvin & Hobbes interview in 21 years. Boring, but still.

How a corporation became a person: An overzealous court reporter.

Gravity sucks

Unclear on how a dollar store works.

An interactive visual look at bipartisanship in the Senate.

Scale. No, forget that. Here’s scale a hundred times better. Truly mindblowing.
Charlie Brown at 35

Saints, Colts Hoping To Resolve Super Bowl Through Diplomacy

Even though I disagree with the message, this is a very clever ad.

Westboro Church meets it’s match. (If you don’t know who they are, google it. The most despicable human beings on Earth.)

Frog fail

125 rare photos of famous people.

Drunk guy comics

Man saved on frozen sea by webcam spotter

Winter 2010 Olympic Hotties. Here’s my favorite.

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