Links o’ Interest

Off to My Morning Jacket tonight!

Fighting a particularly horrible parking ticket

Why all records sound the same

How to make a Nicholas Sparks movie

Orwell irony

Baby kangaroos at the beach aww….

Sure it’s milk. Sure.

You can’t be cynical about this.

It’s all your fault

The Batman on Chatroulette

Things that look like other things

Check out the caption on the photo

A great baseball play: baserunner jumps completely over the catcher

Where your tax dollars go

The implosion of Texas stadium, from the inside

Fan Fiction

“Look”: an entrancing video

Say chee— hey, who are they?

Writing under the influence

Beating Obesity

Propaganda: Inside the North Korean information machine

After the end of the Civil War, Col. Anderson of Tennessee, wrote to his former slave, Jourdon Anderson, asking him to return to work for him. Here is his reply.

4 thoughts on “Links o’ Interest”

  1. so after hearing everyone talk about chatroulette, I decided I had to check it out. In the first 5 minutes I think there were about 25 dudes beating off. It’s clearly a site dedicated almost entirely to lonely men. Then I ran across some guy in Latvia who was playing the accordion–and really well. I suppose that’s the type of random interaction you can occasionally find. The next person also seemed like they wanted to talk too–I was on a roll. We exchanged a few lines of text, then he typed “what’s that behind you”…I foolishly looked behind me, turned back around, and there was his Johnson on camera. Yeah, that’s my chatroulette experience.

  2. I could have sworn I linked to the Ben Folds chatroulette already, I guess it didn’t make my final cut. We had seen him the week before that for my birthday.

    Your chatroullette experience is priceless. I was thinking of testing it out, now I know not to bother!

  3. I actually highly recommend the experience. If you go to the site and use it you’ll see several very simple ways by which you could manage the “junk on display” problem they have. For one, I suspect most people who want to show their junk might actually check a box that indicates as much so long as such as setting would filter them past those not interested in viewing said junk. A “speed-cocking” concept of sorts for those who are interested. Also a m/f indicator would be useful for those who want to see only people of a certain sex. Their “report” feature could also be improved easily.

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