Another Innumerate Sportswriter

Howard Beck get the idiot of the month award for this column. It is about how likely LeBron is to end up on which team. The reasoning is fairly good, but then he makes the mistakes of actually putting in numbers.

Knicks: 40%
Bulls : 75%
Nets: 40%
Heat: 30%
Cavs: 60%

That adds up to 245%. As great as LeBron James is, he can’t play for more than one team at a time. Howard, you’re a moron.

I guess I’m not the first person to call him out on this. I was working from the print edition. The online version has different numbers.
Knicks: 3-1 (25%)
Bulls : 2-3 (60%)
Nets: 5-1 (17%)
Heat: 7-1 (13%)
Cavs: 5-7 (59%)
Which adds up to only 175% or so. That’s quite an improvement!

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