Links o’ Interest

Graphs on the internet. I honestly lol’d several times.

Every Woman’s magazine

How to make Visa obey you.

The truth comes out

Couch cushion architecture

Where’s Homer?

Dolls vs Action Figures

Running with the Bulls: Never again

14-year old new kid takes on school bully

He’s giving a stock webinar while the market crashes, goes absolutely insane

Minimalist superhero posters

It’s a trap!

The internet was right, this is a great instrumental.

Things Bears Love

Bad prediction

A sportswriter unleashes some perspective.

Who else uses Google, the most powerful index of the sum of human knowledge, as a spell checker?

French reality show recreates Milgram’s experiments. They are also willing to kill just because someone asks them.

The average American family

If at first you don’t succeed…

Guilty: She was applying nail polish while driving, struck and killed someone

Saying no to bouncers


Working in tech support

How to draw hands

Stacking bricks in Bangladesh

Underwater river.

Fun with secret questions. (I already wrote how to do them wrong.)

Understanding the oil spill, 1 and 2.

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