Links o’ Interest

Nothing goes out of style in Japan

The University of television

Ozzy Osbourne scares people at the wax museum


I’m not going to cry

Kobe reacting to Chris Rock

Passport rejection

A personal letter from Steve Martin

Ridiculous overreactions by sports parents

Who’s at the door HoverCat?

That newspaper article seems kind of familiar

Luckiest bike rider

Scarred for life

Non-handicapped woman gets ticketed for using handicapped space. Sues city, because her poor arm hurt.


What evidence?

Fan catches baseball in beer cup, chugs it and balances ball.

Inspiration from Bruce Lee

Dream marriage.

Want ads: Unemployed are not eligible. Unbelievable.

A handful of nice nice nice reviews of Sex and the City 2.

Now that is a crater

Very neat paint commercial

How laws get made, modern edition

The cancerous impact of smoking: Every 3 cigarettes is a genetic mutation

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