French Sundries #8: Downtown Bikelanes

I think having the cross symbol on the stop light instead of a solid color is confusing.

stop sign in Paris

Paris is a biking city. They have velo stations every couple of blocks. You can rent a bike for 30 minutes and it only costs one euro. We loved it. Despite the scarcity of space Paris has bike lanes everywhere. Some of them even go against traffic! This is a stop sign that is only for the bike lane that goes against automotive traffic. You have to have a lot of faith in the system to proceed on green. (Actually, that’s not true. Parisian drivers are extremely aggressive, but are also extremely aware of their surroundings, and the net result is a scary but safe environment.)

bikelane stop sign

French Sundries #5: Digital Pricing

I liked this innovation. Each product has a digital pricetag. That way all the prices can be updated automatically. I assume it is integrated with the cash register technology so that it always scans the right price. I’ve heard this is done in some places in the USA, but I’ve never seen it. A further idea is to automatically update the price based on market conditions. CVS headquarters could increase the price of some products because it’s a hot day, or it’s rush hour, or a competitor just opened up, etc.

digital pricing

Oh, Grow Up CNN (and Jon Stewart)

Rick Sanchez got fired for anti-semitic comments. His sins appear to be:

  • Saying Jon Stewart was bigoted. Which he later amended to “prejudicial”. He claimed the Stewart is bigoted towards people that aren’t from his wealthy suburban background.
  • Saying that even though Latinos and Jews are both minorities, they are worlds apart in terms of their relative power.

I’m not sure I agree, but both of those are reasonable points. Neither seems particular bigoted to me.

(I can’t find the full transcript, but the first part is here, and the full video is here.)

Jon Stewart should be laying into CNN for their actions. It is sad that they don’t see a distinction between talking about minorities, discrimination, and power, and actual bigotry. Getting outraged about things like this takes away from outrage when truly bad things occur.

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