Muttroxia: The Best of 2010

2010 was a pretty lame year for Muttroxia, and 2011 is even worse so far. But you know, there were a few okay posts here and there….

Learn how to play Craps (Parts 1 and 2)

An analysis of website security questions

The readers call me out for an odd poker play

Muttrox goes to court

Many posts about our trip to France

I rip apart Bill Simmons for his stupid statistics, and this guy was pretty dumb also.

Fun with kids:
The 4-year old has standards , and he fights God. Here’s a funny story I improvised for them, and a story I stole from my boss.

Business Lingo
I join the rich conservatives for a post on housing

Joe Scarbarough likes to masturbate.

I just noticed this while I was compiling this post – I have the same complaint about the same website two times! I’d forgotten I’d already complained about it. Man, I really hate those 360 reviews!

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