Why Don’t Hotels Have Overhead Lights?

I’ve never been in a hotel room that had overhead lighting. Instead the lighting is from a half-dozen individual lamps. Each of these lamps takes up a lot of space and only illuminates its own area of the room. Even within the same room, they are controlled by different switching interfaces – wall switches, base switches, bulb switches. Why not just have regular overhead lighting, like pretty much every room in America?

Upon further reflection, there is often overhead lighting in the bathrooms. That only makes this phenomenon all the more puzzling, since that shows it’s not the hotel infrastructure that physically prevents overhead lighting from being installed everywhere.

As long as I’m at it, would it kill them to install a dimmer in the bathroom? Either it’s pitch dark or shockingly bright. It would be very helpful to have an in-between setting.

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Hotels Have Overhead Lights?”

  1. Overhead lighting in general is just obnoxious. But hotels should take into consideration the high likelihood that you will be stumbling back into your room late at night, and searching for a light switch (especially when it’s one of those stupid round things at the base of the lamp that you have to twist) is an accident waiting to happen.

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