Links o’ Interest

My only Superbowl commentary: Madonna on the shoulders of a bald man


We hate math!

The Beatles: ready to make history

Monopoly is an old game

The page turner. I never get tired of these Rube Goldberg devices.

Work it: The review. The show was cancelled shortly after.

Death Star Assault. I giggled the whole time.

Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’.

Geeks vs. Non-Geeks. Very true.

Incredible bike “accident” in Brazil. Commentary.

5 top deathbed regrets. Powerful.

Wait until you see it

Makers of Xbox threaten mass suicide over working conditions.

Weightless cats!

A great review of Never say Never

At AI research headquarters…

Dog sledding

The power of coincidence

Can’t wait for this movie.

If you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist you can sympathize.

Old Man

O no, I really just did that

Telling your son the worst swear word

Fantastic prank on someone who gave out their phone number

How to live longer

The Muppets defend themselves from Fox News

Letter to solider

Jack is funny

How to report the news

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