Super Bowl Bets

I love being in Las Vegas! Lots of action riding tonight. Here are the bets I have riding on today’s game.

  • Pats to win (straight up moneyline)
  • Pats to have five or less penalties
  • The under (54 points)
  • Eli will pass for less than 303 yards
  • More second half points than first half points. I like this one.
  • The last score will not be a touchdown

The best bets are the crazy ones!

  • Ben Jarvis Green Ellis will have more rushing yards than LeBron James has points+rebounds+steals. I think I took the wrong side of this one.
  • Victor Cruz and Aaron Hernandez will have more total passing yards than points scored in the Duke Miami game. Love it!

Mrs. Muttrox is also betting the Pats win by 8 or more and that the Pats score first. I have several squares in a $10 game, and we are introducing the kids to it tonight with a ten-cent version. This is wasted money for me, as I am a statistical freak in squares, having never one a dime despite buying 10-15% of squares in ~20 different games.

What’s that? What is Muttrox’s prediction. I refuse to make one!

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