Links o’ Interest

How we die, 1900 – 2010.

Go to Google. Search on “askew”. Neat! You can also type “do a barrel roll” and here are some other tricks.

Darth Vader and Son. Cute.

21 unexplainable things found on dating sites

I’m a bus!

Paul McCartney and David Gilmour at a Led Zep show.

Color pictures of Russia 100 years ago. Truly another world.

The best part about this is that my kids don’t even understand what I’m looking at.

This is how a real Boston accent sounds.


From Love to Bingo. An amazing compilation movie of stock photos.

Jeremy, have some confidence

Crime and Punishment

20 smartass replies to notes

Movie recreations in Lego

The answer was yes.

Here’s Holly with the weather. Giggle.

I miss Arrested Development

Photographs that shatter your image of famous people

Beastie Boys tribute

Personalised Insults. Suprisingly sophisticated engine

Stick figures for cars

Blood on gauze

Just try not to laugh

Clever pictures with the moon

Nice guy

Some belated Isn’t it Ironic commentary

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