Muttrox Tells a Lie

This is very loosely based on the short-lived show Penn & Teller tell a lie. I give a bunch of statements. Some are true, some are false, it’s your job to figure out which is which. Unlike the show, there is more than one lie. I’m not telling how many there are, that’s for you to figure out. Have fun!

  1. Oh Sherry, Steve Perry’s huge solo hit was not a love song to his girlfriend Sherry. “Sherry” was an abbreviation of his full name “Steven Huntsman Perry“. The band members of Journey were sniping at each other, and bassist Ross Vallory gave the nickname to Steve, a dig at his prima donna personality. When Perry made his solo album, he decided to own the insult and created the smash hit from it.
  2. The Twitter logo is named after Larry Bird
  3. Giraffes have a reputation as being calm, peaceful animals. In fact, they are anything but. They are easily startled. Their first reaction is to flee, but if they feel escape is not feasible, they will turn and fight. Between 2000 and 2008, giraffes kicked or trampled 116 humans to death.
  4. In 1966, a radio station hosted a Beatles record burning event. The next day, they were struck by lightning.
  5. The location of The Simpsons Springfield has finally been revealed. It is, as expected, Springfield Massachussetts where Matt Groening went to school.
  6. The raw material in shaving cream is seaweed. It’s treated and processed but in the end, seaweed.


  1. Lie. Some of the background is real.
  2. True.
  3. Lie. I have no idea what I’m talking about
  4. True.
  5. Lie. It’s actually Oregon.
  6. Lie. I have no idea what shaving cream is made from.

2 thoughts on “Muttrox Tells a Lie”

  1. Nay I say. Springfield in Simpsons isn’t in Oregon – the linked article says he chose to use the name “Springfield” because of Sprinfgield, Oregon but does not suggest that the Simpsons live in Oregon.

  2. It has long been determined that Springfield cannot in fact exist in any of the 50 actual states. There are far too many contradictions, no state fits. Given that it isn’t anywhere, you’d have to say Oregon is closest. It’s certainly not Massachusetts, so the ruling of “lie” holds up, regardless of the hair splitting of what the truth might be.

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