Our Litigious Society – Ruining Childrens Fun for no Good Reason

Our 4-year old went to a birthday party at HippoHop, a.k.a “The Bouncy Place”. She finished her birthday cake early, and we went out to do some more bouncing. An employee stopped us shortly after we began. We weren’t allowed to bounce anymore.
“Why not?”
“Because she just ate. She might throw up on another child, and then we are liable.”

Oh my goodness. How absurd. How often does this happen, that children vomit on each other. And that it becomes a legal issue. What exactly is the charge, what would HippoHop be liable for? Assault and battery?

And doesn’t t the same logic apply to ordering dessert at a restaurant? There could be vomiting there. Or ordering food anywhere at any time? McDonalds never asked me if just came in from a jog. Six Flags doesn’t seem to care who vomits on who.

In summary – ridiculous.

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