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spelling cows
I am no longer amused by the Chik Fil A cows. Now they just annoy me. The initial idea was very clever, but it gets lamer over time. And weirder.

Half of the joke is ripped off from The Far Side. The cows know English, but not quite.

Will they ever get better at English? Are they learning? They did pretty well. They’ve learned vocabulary, phrasing, and persuasive arguments However they are continually stymied by spelling. Absurd. Couldn’t they find someone else to help them? They’ve been doing this since 1995, when will they finally learn how to spell the words “More” and “Chicken”? You’d think someone would clue them in over the last eighteen years.

Eighteen years. That just brings up more strange questions. A cow lives about fifteen years, sometimes up to twenty. Are these cows elderly? They seem pretty nimble, getting onto billboards and dressing up and such. You’d think they’d be in the cow nursing home, complaining about their aching second stomachs.Instead they keep fighting for the bovine brotherhood. Or perhaps it’s not the same cows. Maybe it’s like the family business, they passed it down to their kids. And there’s that one cow whose kid won’t do it. “Dad, I don’t want to influence human meat choices through guerilla marketing! I want to go into banking!*”

(* He wants to be a cash cow.)

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  1. This might be my all-time favorite FAR SIDE cartoon! The best part isn’t the words written on the ground, it’s the dog thinking “oh please, oh please”. Ha ha!

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