Bodily Fluids Analysis

I took two readings on my scale. I took them 1 minute apart, the only difference was my morning pee. Thus, I can now state scientifically that my morning pee weighs 8/10ths of a pound, and increased my body fat by 0.4%.

Science has spoken! No skepticism will be tolerated!

The State of Political Discourse

Living in the South, my political views are a minority. I’m used to that. But I will never get used to the lack of subtlety. I respect the directness of the view. But yet. It lacks any sense of message of anything beyond Me-good-you-bad. Where is the beautiful wit of the “F the President” sticker?

These are the people who outvote me.

This is What I Hate About Georgia

When there is something that makes me say, “That is one stupid state”, the odds are good it’s my own state of Georgia. Sigh. Are you curious to know about those idiotic partisan kamikaze dolts who risked our countries good faith and credit and wreaked vast destruction on the country for no reason?

Here they are. The 32 hardcore house republicans who couldn’t take no for an answer. Or even yes for an answer. Or any kind of answer unless it came from their efforts to hold the country hostage. This will go down as a shameful episode in American History, and one more nail in the coffin of the modern Republican party.

I am not surprised that Georgia overindexes by 500%. Not a bit.

Overheard at the Gym

A: I can’t believe it. I forgot to pack my work pants to change into. Ugh.
B: I have an extra pair you can borrow.
A: Really? How come you have an extra pair of pants around?
B: My marriage isn’t going well. I’m living out of the car these days.
A: Wow, that’s lucky!!

My First Gym Class

Despite the many hours of my life that have been spent in the gym, this is the first time I have ever attended a class. There was a spinning class, which I know now is a unnecessary alternative word for biking. As I have been biking regularly as part of my workouts I was looking forward to it. The regular instructor was out so there was a DVD instead.

It kicked my ass. I quit after twenty minutes. Wow. That was hard!

Along the way I learned the exact demographic this was designed for – 30 to 40 year old women who are neither attractive nor unattractive and can’t stop smiling vapid smiles.