Thomas Covenant

I’m going back to the past. I haven’t read these books for over twenty years. They were some of my favorites back then.

So far they are worse than I remember, but better than I expected.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Covenant”

  1. Haven’t read them in longer. Do they rip-off Lord of the Rings as blatantly as the Sword Of Shannara series did?

  2. Not even close. It is much more original. I have my complaints with the writing style and the lack of three dimensional realistic characters, but overall the protagonist and his relationship the grand struggle is completely unique. Love it or hate it, a self-loathing leper from the real world unable and unwilling to control his own power, who is more than halfway convinced the whole thing is some dangerous dream and starts off his experience by raping a local – that’s a million miles away from Tolkien.

    Bonus points for having no dwarves nor elves.
    Bonus points retracted for pointless Tolkien-esque flowery speechifying and many dumb songs that no one ever reads.

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