Predicting Muellers findings

We’ve all been following the Comey/Mueller investigation. What will come of it? Here are my predictions.

  • Trump did not collude. (I’m using the term collusion loosely, including conspiracy and such.)
  • Some folks within the Trump camp, including family members and higherups aligned themselves with the Russians, knowingly. They are guilty, and are traitors.
  • Other higherups within the Trump camp would have no part of it (Sessions).
  • Trump himself never did an actual quid pro quo. He is a dupe, an idiot, a wannabe authoritarian getting played by Russia, but not an actual traitor.
  • After the fact, Trump obstructed justice multiple times in multiple ways.

The aftermath:

  • The traitors within the Trump will be thrown to the wind, and downplayed as bad actors, Trump will not accept any responsibility for their acts or what his campaign did.
  • He will simultaneously claim that it was no big deal and pardon some of them.
  • Congressional Republicans will say that he may have done some bad things, but the Trump coverup is not high crimes and misdemeanors, and will refuse to let impeachment proceedings proceed.

And then the 2018 midterms. Buckle up, it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

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