How to improve the NBA, Part 2

I recently listed a few ways to improve the NBA. Here are a few more.

  1. Get rid of jump balls. Use the possession clock. This has been used in college for a long time and it works. It is fair. It is easy. It is tested. Jump balls which are hard to administer. And the less time players have to drill on jump balls, the more they can focus on basketball skills that matter. This is long overdue.
  2. The referees should be allowed to fraternize with players much more. They have very strict non-contact rules. There’s no reason players can’t have relationships with referees. It’s good for the game for them to know each other. There wouldn’t be so much bad blood between players and referees if they could actually talk to each other outside of the game.
  3. Enough with the suits. Basketball coaches aren’t CEOs. They should be able to dress how they want. One of the best parts of basketball is that you can see the players, and you can see how they express their personalities. That is a feature, not a bug! Coaches should be able to loosen up also.Frank Leyden is what a coach should look like:

    Larry Brown (The modfather):
    Pete Carril:
    John Chaney:

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